President Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A Fraud…

This is the conclusion of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team of former law enforcement officers, investigators and an adobe software expert. Arpaio acted on a request of his Arizona constituents to look into the President’s birth certificate that he presented to the nation on April 27, 2011.

Now keep in mind, that Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio is five times elected Sheriff, served in the US Army from 1950-1953, served as a narcotics agent in countries all over the world with the US Drug Enforcement Agency and served as the head of the Arizona DEA. This is a law enforcement officer with credibility and experience.

On March 1, 2012, the Sheriff presented the results by what is being called, “The Cold Case Posse” at a news conference. Their investigation demonstrated that there is probably cause that the document released by the White House as President Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. And furthermore that there is criminal involvement with both Obama’s birth certificate and his selective service card.

You can go to the youTube video report on the presser and see the report ad documentation for yourself. It is rather disturbing. And especially if this report is taken seriously, as this could eventually lead to a shortened Obama term of office, the disqualification of his Vice-President Joe Biden and the installation of the 2nd in line, House Leader John Boehner.

Last week, Canada Free Press was critical of the vetting of President Obama that they called “An epic failure.” And the official Russian newspaper Pravda has reported surprise of the mainstream media’s obvious lack of reporting and silence on this issue. Perhaps this may in response to our country questioning the latest Russian election of Vladimer Putin.

Whatever the motivation, as Ronald Reagan said, “Facts are stubborn things.” And the facts here may be too cumbersome to overcome even as charming as President Obama is. Well once again, the truth is being manipulated and the question is, can we handle the truth?

It’s been well documented that governments rely on lies and misrepresentations and our government has been no different. This is why we remain suspicious and why there is a growing discontentment with our leaders. 545 leaders are cheating and lying to over 311 million Americans, and somehow this is acceptable.

Well when do we take a stand against the lying and cheating? When does the Truth count for something? We the people have created this thru our apathy and non-participation in our government. We have allowed a government of, the people, for the people and by the people to become a government of 545 leaders, (lobbyists and cronies included), for and by them as well. The tail is shaking the dog.
If there is truly going to be change in America, it will come from the bottom up, not the top down. If you think for a second that change will come in November, it will not be the change you expect to return America to her past glory.

The change must start with we the people, one heart and soul at a time. I believe a majority of our citizens do not have the capacity to see the truth of our failed government. When individual self-interests and entitlements rule the day, we follow a path of the blind leading the blind.

A wiser electorate that is more committed to serving than being served is one that has the capacity to rise to extraordinary heights. Whether America will return to glories past, only time and the hearts of her people will determine that. And then we’ll have every right and the capacity to demand a better form of government.

But for now, sadly, like all democratic style governments before us, eventually, you end up with a government that mirrors the hearts of its electorate.


  1. Arnold Martin says

    Abraham Lincoln stated “America will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    Satan has long known, the only way to destroy America, is to get God to remove his protective hand. And the only way to accomplish that, is through moral decay, and get the people to turn their back on God.
    Until the people of this once great nation repent and turn back to God, the elections in November will do no good.
    God puts men in power.

  2. it before, and I’ll cnnoitue to say it. – It is not my job to believe whatever he says. In fact, he has made skepticism of his past, his words, and his choices, his policies necessary to an extraordinary level, in my personal experience. It is HIS JOB, to bring believable proof to light, that satisfies ME. I am his employer. I pay for his lifestyle. Every collectivist, anti-liberty, anti-American scheme he promotes, comes out of my pocket. What assaults on the American Dream , my pocket escapes, will drop napalm and high-explosives into the pockets of future generations. HE OWES all of us all the truth there is to know about him.The argument could be made, that the money he spends, to keep all his secrets, comes out of my, Joe C. (for Citizen’) Taxpayer’s pocket. For anyone who dares to aspire to the job of POTUS, such a level of secrecy is at best unseemly, and should not be tolerable to the people he is supposed to LEAD , not rule .If this presented document is consistent with official long form birth certificates that people received at birth, during that time, and at that place; then so be it. Obama now needs to answer for why this took so long! Why so much secrecy? What is worth so much to hide?Just as important, when are we going to get some authentic Conservative leadership with the stones to attack him on his record, his extra-constitutional actions, his unconstitutional policies, his refusal to enforce established United States laws, his incompetence or his intractable ideology on all matters economic, his continuous pimp-slapping of the American people, and our historical allies. I doubt I could vote for Trump because of his wishy-washy conservatism. But, at least he challenges the President openly.I want him to feel the combined heat of reality, Conservative principles, challenges to his quashing of GOP conservative solutions, while constantly lying, the other side has no ideas . The Conservatives need to unite to defeat OBAMA , the DEMOCRATS, and intractable RINO’s (especially if they are in leadership ). They are the enemy, not other Conservatives.The GOP leadership needs to abandon any hope the legacy media will love them, tolerate them, or even leave them alone; for sitting quietly by while the USA transforms into some super-sized Euro-socialist land of mediocrity. They surely are not generating any appeal, in these conservative eyes, either.As relatively short time I’ve been politically aware; I’m already sick of odious deals closed for the sake of bipartisanship , pulling the nation to the left. I fear that if Conservatives in all levels of government don’t toughen up soon, the fight may end up in the streets. I think most of us are looking for statesmen/women fighting for the United States of America, instead of the lukewarm politicians chasing power, we are seeing.Whatever their motives, all this PC spinelessness from the GOP is making me ill.

    • I am a independent voter.with Bush and Cheney.the Obama Clinton.and whom else.corrupt politician.well educated church ⛪ going Republicans could not see how dishonest Bush was!how convenient Ly he was in a classroom in fla.when the tower’s came down.he is no actor.go figure…..he had a agenda also and alot of people new it.for as Obama is concerned,was not it convenient that his grandmother ? died just before he was sworn in.and what happen to his grandmother in his birth country.also what about his schools he attended before he came to America!so why would u not vote for Donald least he is forth coming,does not lie and is successful.he would be 50times better than either Hillary or Obama.what a joke.and all that are blind ,that can’t see the forest for the trees.if people don’t wake up ? and become more aware they will pay the consequences later.u had better hope trump gets elected.maybe he can train himself to restrain himself and be dishonest like the rest!is that what u want.

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