Thomas A. Bogar: November 14, 2013


Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination:

The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford’s Theatre

by Thomas A. Bogar

Backstage is the untold story of Lincoln’s assassination: the story of what the backstage workers and onstage actors witnessed when President Lincoln was shot. Author Thomas Bogar exposes John Wilkes Booth’s intimate association with Ford’s Theatre and many members of the company—many of whom may have been accessories, if not accomplices, in the murder of President Lincoln.

An expert in 19th century American theatre, Bogar recovers the stories of the forty-six actors, stagehands, and theatre workers whose lives were forever altered—or even shattered—in the wake of this infamous murder. Mr. Bogar uses first-hand accounts and primary documents to reveal new discoveries in the Lincoln assassination. This amazing and ground-breaking compilation is something no researcher or author has ever done before.



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