Thursday’s 9/2/21 BMS Summary for SM Release

Bring All the Troops Home: Stop Policing the Globe and Put an End to Endless Wars, What We Should Have Learned After 20 Years In Afghanistan, Plus, Are We Listening To What God Is Telling Us? 

3 Very Independent and Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads


9:06-9:29a ET – John Whitehead – Bring All the Troops Home: Stop Policing the Globe and Put an End to Endless Wars.  What we should have learned after 20 years in Afghanistan?  The Constitutional attorney, author, founder and president of The Rutherford Institute and author of “Battlefield America” explains.  

9:32-9:58a ET – Dr Jerry Newcombe – Ronald Reagan said that a nation that is no longer under God is a nation gone under.  Is God saying something we’re not hearing?  Returning to God is America’s and the world’s last hope. The Executive Director of the Providence Forum, an offshoot of the D James Kennedy Ministries breaks it all down.

10:06-10:29a ET – Megan Barth – Afghanistan: The Big Con, Obama appointed judge deals massive blow to US gas in Alaska pipeline, Plus, 15 million ballots unaccounted for in 2020 election. The founder proprietor of reports.

10:32-10:42a ET – Tucker Perkins – Low emission buses benefit student heath and environment.  The Energy Expert and CEO of PERC, The Propane Education & Research Council tells us more about the benefits of propane – energy for everyone.

10:46-10:58a ET – Evy Baehr Carroll – The host of Movie Guide TV reports on What If-Captain Carter Were The First Avenger, and What If T’Challa Became A Star Lord? And Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

11:06-11:29a ET – Tony Scott – Sown into the universe is a profound principle that affects every person. Whenever commerce, sports, corporations, marriages or families activate this law, it brings focus, unity, togetherness and production that could otherwise not be achieved. His latest book, One Plus One Equals One the pastor, radio/tv host explains the Law of Oneness and the keys to rejecting a mediocre marriage relationship.

11:32-11:58a ET – Sargis Sangari – Stage Set for Afghanistan Part II has begun. The former US Army LT Col stated months ago that ISIS is reconstituting in Iraq and that by next spring if not this year they will begin operations with ISIS possibly moving south to north forcing Turkey to enter from Iraq further from North to South.

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