Tony Ezell: October 16, 2019


Insulin Lispro Injection (100 units/mL) is Another Solution Lilly Offers That May Help People Lower Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Tony Ezell

Vice President, U.S. Connected Care and Insulins, Eli Lilly and Company

The cost of treating diabetes for some of the 30 million Americans with the condition[i] has increased over the past several years, including how much they pay for their medicines. That is why Eli Lilly and Company launched Insulin Lispro Injection, a version of Humalog® U-100 (insulin lispro injection) with a lower list price, as one of the many solutions it offers to help people with diabetes lower their out-of-pocket costs for Lilly insulin. Insulin Lispro Injection has a 50 percent lower list price than Humalog and can help those who pay high out-of-pocket costs, including those in high-deductible plans, those in the Medicare Part D coverage gap phase and people without health insurance. Because most insurance plans provide affordable copays for chronic medicines that are much lower than list price, people should ask their pharmacist whether Insulin Lispro Injection or Humalog is the lower-cost option for them. Pharmacists can substitute the lower-cost option for Humalog if, based upon their insurance coverage, it provides a lower out-of-pocket cost for an individual. People with additional questions can speak with a live representative at the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center by dialing (833) 808-1234 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Did you know?

  • Two in five Medicare patients with diabetes (40.9 percent) reach the Part D coverage gap, and are responsible for the full cost of their prescriptions drugs.[ii]
  • The percentage of workers covered by healthcare plans that require an annual deductible has jumped from 55 percent in 2006 to 81 percent in 2015.[iii] These high-deductible plans mean higher out-of-pocket costs for people.
  • The Medicare Part D enrollment period started on October 15 and concludes on December 7.
  • The list price of Insulin Lispro Injection is 50 percent lower than the list price of Humalog.
  • The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center launched in August 2018 and is helping more than 20,000 people per month meaningfully lower the amount they pay for their Lilly insulin at the pharmacy.

On Wednesday, October 16th, Tony Ezell is available to you and your listeners to talk about how people can access Insulin Lispro Injection and other solutions Lilly offers to help lower the cost of insulin. He can also provide additional background on the challenges associated with lowering costs for patients in the current healthcare environment


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Tony is responsible for Eli Lilly and Company’s connected care and insulins portfolio in the U.S. Over the past 27 years at Lilly, Tony has held many leadership roles in sales, marketing and general management. He was Lilly’s first enterprise chief customer officer and led customer insights globally. Tony earned his B.S. degree in Business Administration from the School of Business and Industry at Florida A&M University, an Executive Education Certificate from Wharton and his Master of Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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