Trudie Lobban: September 27, 2017



Ambulatory Heart Monitoring Key to Detection and Treatment

Trudie Lobban MBE

Leading AFib patient advocate and Founder, CEO and Trustee of Arrhythmia Alliance

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the most common type arrhythmia, (irregular heart rhythm disorder) that increases risk for an AFib-related stroke, which is the most devastating and fatal type of stroke. AFib is more common in people over 65 years of age. A simple pulse check can be the first step in detecting AFib, but ECG monitoring is the best way to detect it early. Early diagnosis is critical for properly managing AFib and minimizing risk of an AF-related stroke.

AFib is an abnormality in the rhythm of the heart. It occurs when the upper chambers of the heart, referred to as the atria, beat irregularly. As the atria control the normal rhythm of the heart this means that your pulse becomes irregular.

Arrhythmia Alliance is a coalition of charities, patient groups, patients, carers, medical groups and allied professionals working together to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all those affected by arrhythmias.

iRhythm Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:IRTC) is a leading digital health care solutions company focused on the advancement of cardiac care, and maker of the patient-friendly Zio monitor that is proven to provide physicians certainty in diagnosis of irregular heart rhythms. iRhythm recently announced the publication of two heart society guidelines in support of extended continuous ambulatory monitoring for arrhythmia detection.

On September 27th, in recognition of AFib Awareness Month, Trudie Lobban MBE will be available for interviews to discuss the risk factors of AFib and how iRhythm and Arrhythmia Alliance are helping to improve patient outcomes. She will also discuss highlights from recent studies that reveal the challenges AFib patients face. In addition, Trudie can speak to her personal family history with arrhythmias as both of her parents have AFib and her daughter has also experienced cardiac-related issues.


More About Trudie Lobban MBE:

Trudie Lobban MBE, FRCP, is the CEO and Trustee of Arrhythmia Alliance and

the founder of AF Association (Atrial Fibrillation Association), an international charity working to provide information, support and access to established, new or innovative treatments for Atrial Fibrillation (AF). Trudie sits on a number of medical boards, steering groups and advisory boards. She is also an author and co-author of numerous medical papers relating to cardiac arrhythmias. The AF Association has been an integral resource to patients with AF since its establishment in 2007. The AF Association, under Trudie’s leadership, has led various international initiatives including the ‘Know Your Pulse’ campaign, parliamentary launches, patient & medical literature in numerous languages and the AF Aware Campaign as just a few examples.

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