Tuesday’s 6/1/21 BMS Summary for SM Release

DC Attorney General Brings Lawsuit Against Amazon Calling It A Monopoly, What Does Your Wife Or Husband Want You To Say? Plus, The Latest Viral Videos Report  

3 Very Independent and Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads


9:06-9:29a ET – Larry Klayman – Join us as we pay honor and respect for the soldiers and their families who gave the ultimate for our freedom.  How do you possibly repay them? Plus, why Memorial Day and its special uniqueness?  The American Minute creator, nationally known speaker, best-selling author, Historian and president of Amerisearch, Inc. discusses.

9:32-9:42a ET – Jeff Kemp – What do you think your wife, husband or kids want to hear you say most?  The former NFL QB and ministry leader is committed to relationships especially marriages and the family dynamic discusses.

9:46-9:58a ET – Samantha Mao – The Good News Girl is back with her very popular weekly Viral Video Report

10:06-10:29a ET – Liz Wheeler – The former TV host explains why we must turn the tables on the culture war, 1) acknowledge we are losing, and 2) fight like we want to win. “The culture war raging in our nation isn’t simply partisan bickering about what’s true and what’s false. It’s a battle for reality.”

10:32-10:42a ET – Bill Oxford – The American Legion is the nation’s largest veterans’ service organization with nearly two million members and about 12,600 posts worldwide. Legionnaires are involved in community-based support of veterans, service members and their families during the pandemic and beyond.  The Legion’s National Commander shares the latest details.

10:46-10:58a ET – Rachel Alexander – AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is Out of Control on Ballot Audit.  Believe it or not, some areas of the country haven’t given up on investigating voter fraud during the presidential election, including Arizona and Georgia. The attorney, Contributor to Townhall, WND, the Christian Post has the details. 

11:06-11:29a ET – Reggie Littlejohn – China officially further relaxed its family planning policy, allowing couples to give birth to three children. The move aims to improve China’s population structure and actively respond to the country’s aging problem.  The President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and China expert has details.

11:32-11:58a ET – Dr Samuel Mitcham – The Retribution Conspiracy deals with the question: “Did the Confederate Secret Service assassinate Abraham Lincoln?” There are some strong indications that it did. The bestselling military historian and author of more than forty books discuses. He has appeared on the History Channel and the BBC, been a visiting professor at West Point, and served as an Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

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