Vanessa Okwuraiwe: February 19, 2021


Survey Finds Financial Stability & Resiliency a Moving Target for Americans; New Program Provides Free Financial Education Resources


Vanessa Okwuraiwe

Edward Jones Principal


The COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges from 2020 have led many Americans to rework their financial strategies to set themselves up for success. And, although the pandemic presented a curveball for many, a new Edward Jones survey reveals that eighty one percent of Americans feel in control of their financial standing. When it comes to financial resiliency – the ability to withstand or quickly recover from difficult financial conditions – less than half of respondents are confident in their current abilities. 


Americans are prioritizing and saving more today for things like personal education opportunities, marriage, and the birth of a child. For those who have had to postpone major life events such as buying a house, changing careers, and retirement, they are still saving for those moments and others are reallocating savings to cover unexpected expenses. Since March, 1 in 10 Americans have either increased their investments or started investing for the first time.

As part of its ongoing effort to increase financial preparedness and resilience, the Edward Jones Financial Fitness program helps Americans with everything from investing tips, planning for retirement, paying for education, and more.


Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe is available to discuss how financially prepared Americans are in the wake of the pandemic and how the Financial Fitness program can help.  She will share her financial strategies to help families looking to boost their financial stability and resiliency this year.



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Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe is part of the strategic leadership team that helps the firm achieve its goal of being a place of belonging for all and to fulfill the purpose of making a meaningful impact in the lives of clients, associates and communities. She is responsible for helping the firm increase its representation of different groups and foster engagement and inclusion. Vanessa earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Edo State University in Nigeria, a master’s degree in development economics from the University of Kent in Canterbury and an executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. An advocate for economic and educational development, she is active on the board of the St. Louis Community College Foundation and actively engaged in the Arts and Education Council of St. Louis.


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