Walter Green & Lauren Cascio: April 27, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 4th 


WALTER GREEN – Founder of Say It Now

LAUREN CASCIO – Product Design Director, Messenger Rooms


Since March 2020, as millions of students began remote and blended learning models, teachers rose to the occasion to show us all how impactful their work is for students and families. Educators have had to use technology, including video conferencing, to conduct classes, assign homework and grade projects. Many teachers prioritized their students’ emotional well-being and ensured they were able to access instruction even when they couldn’t go to school in person. In fact, 86% of teachers believe technology should be a core part of learning, and over 80% of educators have identified technology as a great way to improve engagement in classrooms.


In these uncertain times, moments of appreciation and gratitude are more meaningful than ever. Teachers are often under appreciated, so this year we are taking a step back to show gratitude to them.


Say it Now was founded by Walter Green whose mission is to encourage people to show gratitude to those who have positively impacted their life. While one-on-one expressions of gratitude are incredibly meaningful, he’s found that hearing others share their appreciation alongside you is a uniquely powerful experience. It’s also life changing for the person being celebrated to hear the impact they’ve had.


Say it Now founder Walter Green and Facebook’s Lauren Cascio are available for live interviews to discuss how Americans can pay tribute to teachers this year through technology, including Facebook Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms lets families keep their teacher tribute in a closed ecosystem, just with those participating, or  they can choose to broadcast in a Live Room to a Facebook Group. 



Walter is the founder of Say It Now, an organization that helps facilitate and encourage people to host living tributes for the people who are most important to them. He believes there is not time like the present to tell the people who have had an impact on your life what they mean to you. He is also the author of (This is the Moment) which was sold worldwide. 


Lauren supports a team of designers who work on Messenger Rooms. Lauren helped to design Messenger Rooms and works with a team of designers to make the video calling technology easy to use for people all over the world. Her passion is working with teams at the intersection of business and innovation. She loves people, communication and emerging technologies… and experiences that engage all of it in new ways.  

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