Wednesday’s 5/19/21 BMS Summary for SM Release

Will The Alarming Inflation Rate Put Some Brakes On Biden’s Socialist Agenda?  April Border Apprehensions Up and Judicial Watch Sues For Deployment And Warnings About January 6th

3 Very Independent and Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads


9:06-9:29a ET – Rick Manning – The Alarming inflation rate calls for immediate halt to Biden’s socialist agenda, and does the Cheney leadership ouster unites Republicans towards the future? The President of Americans for Limited Government discusses. 

9:32-9:42a ET – Chris Chmielenski – NumbersUSA Director of Policy and Activism reports that April Border Apprehensions Now At 20 Year High. 

9:46-9:58a ET – Chris Farrell – Judicial Watch Sues Pentagon and U.S. Park Police for Information on Deployment and Warnings about January 6 U.S. Capitol Event.  Will we ever know what really happened?  The Director of investigations and research for Judicial Watch has the latest.

10:06-10:29a ET – Jim Denison – The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could undermine Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion across America. And it all started with an idea.  Ideas really do matter, so we should be careful and responsible for our thoughts, right? The co-founder and visionary of the Denison Forum, pastor, author and podcaster shares it all from a Biblical Worldview.

10:32-10:42a ET – Dr Eduardo Sanchez – Close to half of American adults have high blood pressure, but only about 22 percent of those have it controlled. Having high blood pressure puts you at an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, and is a contributing factor for worse COVID-19 outcomes. The American Heart Association Chief Medical Officer for Prevention discusses.

10:46-10:58a ET – Dr Bonner Cohen – Moving rapidly to transition the United States away from fossil fuels in the name of combatting climate change, the Biden administration is employing a mix of executive authority and legislative action to force the transformation. NCPPR’s Sr. Fellow discusses this and Cybersecurity of wind power a growing concern.                                               

11:06-11:29a ET – Stephen Meyer – COVID Lockdown-Induced Despair Results in a Loss of Belief in God.  In his new book, Return of the GOD Hypothesis: Three Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe, the director of the Center for Science & Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle discusses.                                                                                             

11:46-11:58a ET – Bill Salus – The last time he as here we talked about the increasing amount of worldwide disruption from Covid -19 Pandemic to Middle East Eruptions! And today, the signs are amounting to even more serious events about ready to emerge.  The bestselling author and renowned prophecy expert explains what you may not be understanding.


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