Welcome To The Knee Jerk Market Ride!!!

By Bill Martinez             Philip Cioppa is Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Arbol Financial Strategies, LLC, www.arbolfinancialstrategies.com (Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC). He specializes in asset management strategies, insurance planning and taxation issues for the firm.

We need to look at our investments from a long-term strategic perspective.  The roller coaster ride of this current stock market can add unnecessary stress to our lives, and could lead to “knee jerk” investment decisions that could result in less than the best ROI.  Phil is convinced that the market cannot sustain it’s current levels, so be prepared for some more shaking out to take place.  

Some would want you to think that America is in such a decline on many levels, but the fact is that compared to most of Europe, America remains a sound investment in this global economic complex.  Our government could make it easier, but in spite of all the regulations, taxes, China disruptions, and unfair trade scenarios, the USA remains strong by comparison.  Certainly we can learn from the obvious mistakes and indulgences of EU partner countries like Greece and Italy, Portugal and Ireland, as well as the economic discipline of Germany.  

Phil Cioppa brings these topics and the latest GSA waste scandal to light on Bill Martinez Live.


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