Whitney Bond: December 17, 2020


Food and Lifestyle Expert Discusses How Families Can Bond with ‘Connected Cooking’ and How Technology is Helping Us Make New Holiday Memories


Whitney Bond

Food and Lifestyle Expert


It’s no surprise that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  And, while this holiday season may look a little different for many, there are still ways to stay connected through food, technology and more.

On December 17th, Food and Lifestyle Expert Whitney Bond will share ways to optimize your time in order to connect with loved ones over the holidays in new and creative ways.  She can discuss how families can still bond through cooking together using smart technology in the kitchen, share holiday recipes that are great to create together virtually, and how frontline workers are getting a taste of home by connecting with their family over their favorite home cooked meals.



Whitney’s Tips Include:

  • Using smart technology, such as smart kitchen devices, and having a strong internet connection can ensure that this holiday season you are having uninterrupted moments of connection.
  • Bond with family by cooking together virtually and sharing recipes in real time through video calls while preparing for the holidays. Think about which recipes bring back those special memories with your loved ones.
  • Move your modem closer to the kitchen. The more distance there is between your device and the router, the longer it will take to send data between them and the weaker the signal will be.



More About Whitney Bond:
WhitneyBond.com is a food and lifestyle blog featuring quick and easy recipes with fresh ingredients. Published cookbook author and on camera host Whitney Bond began posting her recipes online in 2011. Since then, she’s shared over 1,100 original recipes on her self-titled blog, WhitneyBond. com. In addition to blogging, Whitney has been featured on satellite media tours and news segments where she shares her recipes, cooking tips and favorite kitchen products. Whitney’s recipes can be found all over the web on sites like Buzzfeed, PopSugar, Yahoo! and Huffington Post.


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