Whitney Torres: June 17, 2019


Solar Expert Discusses How Solar Can Offset Energy Costs

and Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Home




Whitney Torres

Solar energy expert with SunPower


The sun, as we all know, is an incredibly powerful – and free – source of renewable energy. In fact, just one hour of sunlight can power the entire planet for a whole year. With the U.S. now surpassing 2 million solar installations – helping renewables generate more total electricity than coal for the first time in our nation’s history recently – it’s clear that many are taking advantage. And yet, still less than 2 percent of homeowners across the nation have embraced solar, as the concept remains a bit of a mystery.  


On Monday, June 17, solar energy expert Whitney Torres will discuss the benefits of going solar and what your audience needs to know to get up and running with a solar electric system. She’ll help educate viewers on how to begin reducing the environmental impact of the home!



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Whitney is a seasoned solar energy professional with a passion for renewable energy and environmental stewardship. Her focus as a SunPower energy consultant is on stellar service, reliability, and trust. Whitney finds it very rewarding to work closely with homeowners, and to help deliver happiness for the lifetime of their solar system. Whitney earned a bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She lives with her husband in Austin, Texas, and enjoys the outdoors, the arts, and travel adventures.


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