William J. Murray: April 11, 2013



William J. Murray was just an innocent child when his mother, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder and president of the group American Atheists, used him as a tool in filing a lawsuit that ultimately led the Supreme Court to decide that compulsory prayer and reading of the Bible in public schools was unconstitutional.  You can’t help but ask, well how’s that working for our schools today?

William describes his family experience as being dysfunctional, centered on communist and marxist ideals.  He says, “At my house we argued about the value of the American away, whether or not the workers should revolt.  And why the Pope, Christians, and Jews and anybody whoMyLifeWithoutGod_COVER believed in God were morons.

In 1980, Murray would convert to Christianity and two years later published a riveting account of the true motivations behind those who conspired to have prayer removed from American public life.  The book, Life without God instantly became an International bestseller that socked readers with an inside look at pure evil masquerading as the greater good.

Long out of print, the classical bestseller is back to commemorate its 30th anniversary and is being made available to a whole new generation of Americans to learn the shocking details of how and why school prayer was eliminated.

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